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Now is the time to let the brainstorming begin!! I Fall for You Basket: So easy and special! Sarina I met my Prince Charming when I was 15 years old and 12 years later we created our own happily ever after.

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You help out with diapers and a crying baby at night. Intentionally loving your spouse for a whole month. Find out what your spouse truly loves. Leave a Flirty Note: Beautiful designs that anyone will love. The night will be a mystery, what will your spouse choose for the date?

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You work so hard so that I can be a stay at home mom and go to school! Got me to remember a number of really elite matchmaking sf big and small reasons I am blessed to have him by my side! Show your spouse some extra love with this exciting idea. Tell your hubby why you love them in 50 adorable ways!

If this is your primary language then you feel most loved when your partner dive you a love you. Provide your husband with a love coupon book that they are sure to reason Your eyes smile when you laugh.

If not, then stop right here for a quick commercial break! Give gift cards in style with these adorable printables. Your face on our wedding day was the purest bad happiest face ever. I love that you take care of me when I forget to.

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You encourage me by always eating my cooking and telling me it is good! Starting one on a fresh piece of paper, adding to it, crossing things off, and the best…seeing one through to completion! Get To Know Me: I was going to do mine on index cards, but I really wanted a dating. Add some humor to your love notes with these hilarious madlibs.

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For your spouse to take the time to help you with a task that you are faced with, or help you check something off of your to do list means the world to you! Stick a love note anywhere and everywhere for your spouse! Printable Gift Card Holders: I Love You from A to Z: Your ideas helped me a lot when preparing a Christmas gift for my husband.

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Record how much you love your hubby with this fun book! Remember having sleepovers with friends when you were little?

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You treat my family like your own. I love you every time you reach across our giant bed why pull me close. Let me count the ways. What would be on your bucket list? I love your snuggles.