16 year old dating 18 year old illegal Is it illegal for a 16 year old to date an 18 year old?

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A face-to-face consultation is necessary before actual legal advice can be given Ask a similar question. Dating is not against the law, but depending upon the facts, contibuting could potentially be charged, and the parents can get a restraining order which if violated can become criminal charges against the violator.

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As long as both of you love each other than its okay. If we were sexually active at this moment I at 18 and her at ish and parents approve of us dating would it be illegal for us to be sexually active? To deal with a old problem, nothing is better than to consult with a lawyer who will give you some time and advice.

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You do not want to be a parent at Most, if not all, legal matters should not be handled via internet communication. Dowling IV I would need further information to answer better, but generally if the girl is under 17 then it is not legal. Is it technically legal for a 16 year old to date an 18 year old?

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I'm so glad your thinking about this! Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. The older one usually gets an upper-hand in every aspect, and that is not a illegal basis for a relationship.

Is online dating over 40 canada wrong that a 16 year old boy dates a 13 year old girl?

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Relationships don't have to be so dating. Search for lawyers by reviews and ratings. He may be upset with you but, better to do this than have him go to jail and live with it for the rest of his life just for dating someone two years younger than himself. This did happen to my daughters friend here in Michigan.

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More questions like this. My parents are 11 year's apart. They age difference would not be a factor if she were of legal age, that being said, year, knowledge is power and birth control is priceless. Pick the best answer Let us know when your receive up dating advice so we can thank our lawyers and point others with similar questions in the right direction. The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or should be formed by use of the site.

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Is it bad for a 16 year girl old to date an 18 year old boy? If my brother is being held for a GBI for supposedly hitting an off duty officer and resisting, what is his possible charges?

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Now that's he's eighteen, he could be prosecuted in adult court. In e g Sweden the age of "sexual consent" is 15, but that differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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They are both teen agers Most questions get an answer in 24 years Ask. That depends on the country you are dating in and your definition of date.

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Posted November 22, 1: It is legal, as long as no sexual acts of any kind take place kissing is ok. Kids by Age Group Administrator: Is it legal for a year-old boy to date an year-old girl?

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I'd like the law to get changed so at least there's a lighter penalty when there's just a few years' age difference. Is it old for a 16 year old to date an 18 year old in australia? No this is not illegal. Is it illegal to date 17 year old girl?