Hook up 2 amps to 1 sub Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

Hook up 2 amps to 1 sub

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Same RMS wattage, same subs, but different amps Now I know how to wire the hooks power distribution block. Posted sub Monday, October 13, - I don't know how to do it but i think your amp need to have phase control, if you know you don't have that, seek no further for help because your screwed.

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I don't see anything that states damage obc hookup occur, only that it's not optimal. If you'd do your research you'd realize that JL is just another super overpriced, japanese brand, with a 10x markup on price. People have told me that I can connect the RCA's from the reciever to the first amps input and connect another set of RCA's from the first amps output to the second amps input and then from their connect the speaker wire, bridged from the second amp to the box.

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That's debunk by the way. Mine didn't even last a second and the sub was fried.

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But I can't stress it enough the voltage output HAS to be matched! Theoretically it's a blending of the channels but that's just ridiculous, it's like a partial flat short. But then again the dating abundance mentality, like you mentioned, provides wiring diagrams. Ex Traffic Jamz Position: Can I run 80 Hz to Hz to one voice coil from one amp and run 75Hz and amp form another amp to the second voice coil?

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Basically, a dual voice coil driver consists of two motors the voice coils co-axially mounted that is, wound together on the former to a single diaphragm. IDQ12v2, ctx65 coax, Cadence txa Lets let it die a peacefu death, or I'll lock it.

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I'm trying to understand your thought process here. My thoughts on what you posted. It is a dual voice coil sub There's one thing that often comes up about wiring DVC subs, and that is the mistaken conclusion that running different signals to each voice coil will "ruin" the driver.

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If you have one and have to buy another or something just sell yours and buy a bigger amp. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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Originally Posted by pitchblackcls6. Does this make any sense. Originally Posted by cobra93 I don't see anything that states damage will occur, only that it's not optimal.

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Some words from Adire Audio, i def agree. I would only do something like this if you had both amps lying around.