Hook up gps How to hook up this GPS?

Hook up gps

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It's from banggood, bought with a package of stuff, and I can't find a manual anywhere. Learning to program the … members.

Going from left to right. Ok this is easy.

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Just match the pinout name to the pins on the APM. Best Drone for Photography. Running multiple vehicles on one computer. Posted by Paul Mayhan on January 17, at 5: Groups Start a Forum topic See all Forum topics. On what web pages can I buy Li-Ion hooks up gps I'm running an APM 2.

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I have looked online for the best image I could find to help you. I hope someone else has this same GPS module and can help me get it set up correctly.

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Second port is just the compass, and the third port is just the GPS. So you have 3 ports but really you only have 2.

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New setup for 3D Mapping and nadir photogrammetry - help please. It has 3 ports instead of the normal 2, so I don't know what to do with it.

How to hook up this GPS? Sign Up or Sign In. Ignore all the crap on this image. Best flight controller for ariel photography. A list of all T3 adhd online dating is here.

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