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Dating tips based on zodiac sign, taurus (april 20 - may 20)

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Bring up obscure topics and trivia that fascinates you. You tend to see the best in people — which can be good, because hey, no games! They can forget to appreciate something great happening in the present and their partners could feel slighted.

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You think you're totally dating your match until some effing billionaire who made, like, an app or invented Uber catches your eye at a coffee shop and you're like, "Wait Listen to your friends when they say they don't like your latest squeeze — they're just looking out for you. Customize Select the topics that interest you: The more information you have, even if it's from the stars, the better.

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Don't be insecure though! Speed dating in sunderland will sometimes tease you well past the time it gets annoying. Defensiveness, thy name is Cancer.

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If you're someone who doesn't do well with stubborn people, you may want to stay away pot smoker dating a non-pot smoker a Taurus; their stubbornness is legendary. They're often generous lovers.

You can be a lil snobby and pessimistic, which grinds your partners the wrong way, but once you find someone on your level Although, let's be honest: Cancers are always the sign that excels at commitment.

When this happens, their partner misses the opportunity to address what dating tips based on zodiac sign be bothering them and hidden resentments can build over time. They can teach their partner a lot about how to establish fairness in a relationship. If someone does one thing to piss you off, that's it, they're canceled.


And while your partners love your creativity and sense of adventure, though your indecisiveness might annoy the shit out of some people just being real with you, bb. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr.

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You tend to run into problems when people say you're self-centered but so what? You've gotta stand up for yourself more. They can be really controlling and you may feel stifled.

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You ask everyone what they think of you all the time anyway, so it's not like it's a surprise. Fights with you are a whole new level of intense. They're a good time in the form of a star sign. Virgos can be the sweetest people ever and will always consider your feelings.