How to properly hook up a weight distribution hitch How to properly hook up a weight distribution hitch

How to properly hook up a weight distribution hitch

Swing the lift unit into position by pushing up on the lift unit hook with the lift handle.

Make sure that the ubolt is attached evenly, leaving two or three threads below the nylon nut. We're all about looking free christian dating sites 2014 our people, offering a good selection, competitive pricing, great delivery and most importantly, satisfying our customer.

Note which link is closest to chain hook. This may result in vehicle accident, property damage and personal injury. Measure and record the distance from the pavement to the top of the coupler. Now tighten the upper head assembly bolt to lb.

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Secure the bracket into position by inserting the retaining clip into the lsd hookup. The goal of using a weight distribution hitch is to keep the trailer and the vehicle it's attached to, as level as possible by distributing the tongue weight of the trailer across the vehicles frame. With the latch into position, raise the coupler about 3" with the use of the trailer jack. Rotate it up so that the top knob passes through the entrance slot in the upper pocket.

This is to account for how much the tow vehicle will sag with the pull weight of the trailer. Countdown 2 links and that link will be used for hook up.

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Here's how to set this type of system up properly to ensure a safe towing experience. Tighten the top bolt with a wrench just enough to hold the head firm to the shank when we couple the trailer.

Lower the coupler onto the ball just enough for the coupler to latch. Assembling your Weight Distribution Hitch Insert the shank into the receiver tube of your trailer hitch.

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To accomplish this, the trailer must be uncoupled dating restaurant sydney the upper bolt removed from the head assembly. If front settles lower than rear, increase the number of chain links between lift unit and spring bar.

Tighten the angle set bolt to 50 lb. This will reduce friction and extend the life of your weight distribution hitch.

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This can lead to unstable handling, reduced braking ability, and a tendency to "jackknife" when turning. If not, see the tips below for some suggestions.

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Measure and write down the uncoupled height at the front and rear wheel openings to the ground, and the level trailer coupler height see image.