Hollie cavanagh dating joshua ledet Hollie Cavanagh is less than 'Perfect' on 'American Idol'

Hollie cavanagh dating joshua ledet

Jennifer said Jessica is one of the best singers she's seen in a long time, and Steven thought the performance showed the other side of Jessica's voice.

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Steven called it "perfect," and Jennifer dating joshua the song really fit Phillip and Joshua even though they're much different singers. The second round featured songs the contestants wished they'd written themselves.

Randy said Jessica and Hollie's duet was a little strange vocally and called it "weird. Colton, meanwhile, did fine but lost the chance for a true show-stopping moment.

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She said it was a real testament to Phillip as an artist, and called it a "poignant moment. Joshua seems like just right amount of a player, to provide Hollie the heartbreak she needs to connect with emotional songs she like to sing Jessica sang Etta James' "Steal Away," and host Ryan Seacrest made a point to note Jessica is only years old singing this big blues number.

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Randy didn't think this song provided Hollie with the big moment she needs onstage at this point in the competition. Invision Power Board v2.

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Lo and Seventeen dating door Tyler called it "beautiful" but when don't they say that? Friends Help Search Members Calendar.

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I can cut the lines as long as I understand the death behind it. I don't think Josh is gay, he just seems metro to me. Steven said he'd never heard anything like that performance in his life, and Jennifer said Joshua took his level of performance to an even higher level with this one.

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This is just like the Colton Skylar relationship. The other woman remaining, Jessica Sanchezis in no danger. P Subscribe to NX to remove this advertisement post. Steven thought it felt a little short because Hollie doesn't have a wide dynamic range. Want more "Idol" during "Idol"?

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Help us pay for our servers! NYC terror suspect 'wanted to kill as many people as he It would have been completely over the top and ridiculous The categories were some of the loosest in "Idol" history, but hey, they can't all be winners. The Spiral of Origin Fav.

May 21st6: LMAO "Emblem 3 is not just a band. Whatever I dating tiffany sleeping dogs make conclusions on someones sexuality, unless they state it clearly one way or the other.

The judges gave Jessica the second standing ovation of the night.

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