Hayden and nicole still dating Still Together? See Where Your Favorite 'Big Brother' Couples Are Today

Hayden and nicole still dating

The boy in question is Hayden. Home Made It Awards Nicole revealed that last time she was on the house, she was distracted by a boy.

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This brings me to and still dating interesting evidence to the case. Home Made It Awards There's no clear way to tell when they really broke up, of course — only Nicole salt lake city dating coach Hayden know exactly what happened between them — but as far as social media goes, this is the last photo of Nicole and Hayden together pre- Big Brother Season Then again, Nicole later went into more detail about the reasons behind their breakupso obviously it was a combination of being out of the Big Brother house, getting to know each other on an even deeper dating kaalaman, and having skewed priorities.

Hopefully, Nicole's time in Season 18 will shed more light on what went down between her and Hayden too. But, according to Nicole, the two are no longer together. On the show, Nicole played a solid game but was "sidetracked" by a boy, Hayden. Well, on the premiere, we got an answer.

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Unfortunately, it's not good news for those that were shipping the couple. Two seasons ago on Big Brother 16the showmance that bloomed between Hayden and Nicole blossomed into a full blown relationship that progressed well beyond the Big Brother house.

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Maybe the fact that Nicole doesn't have any showmances brewing yet on Big Personality adjectives for dating 18 means that she'll be more likely to go farther than last time. But, when did Nicole and Hayden break up?

Are Nicole And Hayden Still Together 2016?

During the premiere, Nicole — along with Da'Vonne, James, and Frank — popped out of luggage and revealed that they would be playing along with the brand new houseguests. Whether this means that they dating a shorter guy reddit up right before the show, or ages ago and remained friends is not clear.

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While this doesn't prove that they're still together, it at least suggests that the two are still friends — so at least that's some consolation to the break-up blow we received on the still dating. Nicole allegedly revealed on the Big Brother feeds that something changed in Hayden last year after his haircut take that how you will and shortly afterward, they broke up, but are still friends. With the resurgence of veterans, you may wonder if Nicole and Hayden from Big Brother 16 are still together.

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Surprisingly, according to social media, it seems like not much has changed between them except their relationship status. That's a little more difficult to pinpoint. This photo, taken only a month before the premiere, shows the two together.

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Like legitimately, wholeheartedly became a real life couple long after their Big Brother season ended. And, you know, mop up some of those tears about a good thing gone bad.

Hayden and Nicole (Season 16)

Then, Nicole popped up literally for Big Brother 18 and revealed that she's suddenly single now. On April 25, Nicole posted a photo on Twitter featuring her, Hayden, and another friend out at what appears to be a club.

The former Big Brother houseguest seems to be totally supportive of Nicole getting back into the game, despite the fact that they are no longer in a relationship. By Chrissy Bobic July 6 At the beginning ofthe two were still together, with Nicole calling Hayden her "boyfriend" another caption. By Allison Piwowarski June 23 So since they're now apparently done-zo, what does Hayden think of Nicole on Big Brother 18?