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Dating old window glass

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But in the 19th century, the technique was changed to cylinder glass made by swinging a blown bubble of molten glass rather than spinning it. Cylinder glass begins as a ball of molten glass on the end of a blowpipe that is rhythmically blown and swung in a deep pit until an elongated pod-shape forms and a hook up in ballarat length and diameter are reached.

Most older mirrors are held in by triangular-shaped blocks that were glued in place with the point of the triangle facing in toward the frame and the base of the triangle sticking out toward the back panel. Most larger cities have at least one or two of these shops in the area.

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Somewhat resembling the mouth-blown process for making cylinder glass, large cylinders of glass measuring forty feet in height were drawn vertically from a circular tank and then cut into seven to ten foot cylinders. There are two inspection techniques to determine if a piece of glass or a mirror has been replaced. A second set of holes or holes of the wrong shape or size could mean the panel has been removed and the mirror replaced or re-silvered.

These will be obvious with a close, critical look.

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Another, older method of securing glass in place is with the use of original muntins, not to be confused with the plywood cutouts of the same name used in 20th-century reproductions.

Lastly, look for a second pua online dating number close of nail holes in the strips.

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Checking for dating old window glass mirrors is usually even easier than looking for new, clear glass. Those scratches were there before or appeared in the restoring process for a reason or the other.

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Our collaboration brings you a selection of restoration window glass types for the building and restoration of fine American buildings, homes, and furniture spanning the 17th - early 20th centuries:.

The most common method of securing clear window glass in a cabinet is with wooden strips nailed into the case or door frame that hold the glass in place. Look for evidence of the blocks having been moved and re-glued or re-nailed.

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Glass incorporated into a piece of furniture has to be supported and attached in some manner. These cylinders could be upwards of 40 feet tall!

Then take a look at how the mirror itself is held in dating old window glass in the frame. Even well-done wood repairs can be detected with an exacting enough inspection.


Spreading throughout Germany, Italy, France, and Switzerland as a result of the rise of the Roman Empire, glassmaking flourished and the Romans began using it for architectural purposes. Another great manufacturer of wavy restoration glass in several grades.

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It may be just paper glued over the frame, or it may be wood. Price and availability of glass dictated window designs and lite patterns.

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The first technique looks at the support structure around the glass; the second looks at the glass itself. That produced parallel wavy lines of distortion in old clear glass.

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