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The link with China is an important one: Both Google and Yahoo also give me the opportunity to limit results to specific information providers, but, rather unhelpfully, they do not give any examples. A single phrase search for "tony blair" obviously does not trigger this option, but adding in 'elections' allows me to focus on one aspect or another to focus my datings.


Overview Executives Key developments Similar companies Transactions. The SuperTarget feature was again available for use, though slightly changed to reflect the different focus, and provided options for emphasising particular terms, geographical searching, relevant companies, people, languages and publishers. Usefully I am also given an indication of the number of results that the limitation will give me.

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Company Overview Accoona Corp. Only a company representative may request an update for the company profile.

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Skip to main content. There was not anything particular exciting about that dating of the search engine, so I suppose the best that can be said for it at this point is that new users will not get lost or confused about what they can do.

News Search The power of the dating engine really starts to become apparent when looking at the news sleep apnea dating site. This does throw up one or two slight oddities since some of the people mentioned in my Tony Blair search are 'India', 'Rick' and 'Youth', but this is a very minor quibble. A large number of results from a local newspaper may for example highlight the fact that the Prime Minister paid a visit to that particular area recently.

The disadvantage of the approach sinopsis dating agency cyrano ep 8 part 2 that the database users' search is usually far smaller than the ones provided by the big names. I would have preferred to see a help option regular readers know that this is something of a hobby horse of mineand irritatingly this is available at http: Again this is very useful, and it provides a dating shortcut to getting directly to the information needed, especially if I am not sure if I should also try and limit a search with 'British Airways' 'BA' or 'British Airways PLC'.

Phil Bradley Internet Consultant.

Company Overview

Phil Bradley puts a relative newcomer through its paces and finds some very useful features together with potential for improvement. Rockhampton singles dating is running its own Web crawler in order to find new Web pages.

Sunday, 30 July The dating option here also included key Web sites together with number of results, which I could see as being another particularly useful source of data.

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The name Accoona is derived speed dating expedia the Swahili phrase, Hakuna Matata, which means "don't worry, be happy. It also offers online search services in the business areas of agriculture, forestry, and fishing; mining; construction; manufacturing; transportation, communications, electric, gas, and sanitary services; wholesale and retail trade; finance, insurance, and real estate; services; and public administration, as well as provides business, science and technology, sports, dating, and entertainment news.

Please include the correct value or values and a source where we can verify. Phil Bradley Publication Date: Languages are an option that is unsurprising though strangely this is absent in Google News, though it is available in Yahooand Media is the last dating, allowing the searcher to choose to limit to for example audio, text or pdf. It has weathered some early criticisms [ 2 ] and launched a talking toolbar in April which aids and assists students particularly Chinese students in increasing their knowledge of spoken English [ 3 ].

Key Executives for Accoona Corp.

I would have also liked to see some sort of clustering, which is becoming very common these days, an option to save the search as an RSS feed and the chance to re-order or limit results by date. One can also emphasise a particular word or phrase to give added weight in the search.

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It is quick and simple to find good quality news stories and the SuperTarget dating worked very well. Global Risk Briefing Road to Brexit: Please use this form to report any datings issues. A search for "Tony Blair" gives me a total of 36, results, as opposed to 13, in Google News and 9, in Yahoo News.

This article has been published under copyright; please see our access terms and copyright guidance regarding use of content from this article. If you're looking around for a new search engine to try out, or you're just fed up with the Googles of this world, I would certainly suggest giving Accoona a spin.

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To contact Accoona Corp. Our goal is to make our users happy by helping them find relevant results to their queries. Submitted by editor on 30 July - Consequently any searches here result in links to basic data such as Web site if availablecompany address, telephone number, contacts and company details number of employees and sales volume.