My girlfriend is dating two guys Playing Both Sides: The Realities Of Dating Two Men At The Same Time

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I'm a guy and I do this.

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Im not sure whats acceptable and whats not when it comes to dating as ive only been out of a long term relationship for a couple of months. But she is going to be all kissy with her plan B option anyway?

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Free open source dating software Posted by Happyhappyjoy [ Register to see the link ]. You're playing the perfect girlfriend in two different relationships. We're dating, we're not exclusive, she's dating others, I need to bail.

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We have been broken up for about 8 months now. Bring on me all your American dating downvotes! Sugar coatings brings diabetes.

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The guilt is so real. Is he trying to have sex? I wouldn't expect exclusivity without bringing it up.

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A while ago I was dating a girl and stumbled onto her online dating profile. But two question is, why aren't you doing the same?

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Do want us to dictionary define 'lead on'? I think that there's nothing wrong in being curious and find out with whom you may have more affinity, chemistry, etc.

Plus I think that explains her "on a pedestal" attitude expecting me to pay for dinner which I straight up told the server we are splitting itLOL at all the other dudes she sees in a week that pay for all of her chit. Just tell him it's not working out and wish him the best.

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I think, as long as there's no pretext of exclusivity, that it's probably fine. Just tell him that it's been fun but that it's not working out.

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Unless you are a man who sleeps with every lybach dating site you go out with, on just 4 dates! It was very brief, we met at a public park just to talk then.

I'm used to never knowing when I'm just going to be dumped flat out, so I keep my options open. I'm in the same situation with someone. Even if you could, she could still find some way to meet with a lover without you knowing if she wanted.

I have been suffering with a chronic health issue for 11 years now.

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You can guy with some of these articles. I Would you date someone who had had a long-term affair on their spouse? Forum Dating Dating Found out she's dating multiple guys Now YOU go out and find another girl to level the playing field.

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As long as everyone is aware of the circumstances I don't see what the big deal is. They haven't talked about exclusivity. If she talks to multiple dudes she's a hoe and would be stoned in datings countries. Having said all that, it girlfriends like she might be using you to make the other guy jealous, so you're taking a chance.


I think that's the central question. We texted for like a week after and she came over again and we had sex again.

She did say that she plans on seeing that other person again as well. Edit - don't get me wrong, different strokes for different folks and she is free to do as she pleases - but if you are a 'one woman kind of man' you are probably better off dating women who also share that philosophy - trust me, plenty of girls would appreciate your point of view on the matter!

I wouldn't want to be invested in a woman that was banging some other guy one day and me the next. Am I looking for a unicorn?

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