When did quinn and santana hook up Is “Glee” going there with Quinn and Santana?

When did quinn and santana hook up

Santana proceeds to argue with Figgins saying that all she wants to do is kiss her girlfriend in public and leaves with Brittany sitting there in sadness.

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I'm a closet lesbian and a judgmental dating my daughter questions which means one thing I have awesome gaydar. Both are seen wearing their friendship bracelets randomly in the episode. Santana says, "You don't get a say in who I date anymore.

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Santana explains to little girl that Brittany is his ex-girlfriend who broke up with her, and starts talking excitedly about her relationship with Brittany until she is interrupted by Kurt and Rachel. Brittany says, "No, not really.

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And I don't want to be like all those other long-distance relationships that hang in there for a few months and then break up when someone eventually cheats or things get weird. So listen, how about you and I pop in some Sweet Valley High this evening and get our cuddle on? The first time Brittany is saying something to Santana, the second time Santana has her legs in Brittany's lap and Brittany is stroking her legs and Santana is rubbing Brittany's back and telling her something, the third time, when Rachel walks in the room Santana when did quinn and santana hook up has her legs in Brittany's lap and she is running her fingers up and down them.

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At one point Santana grabs Brittany's wrist and at the end Santana has her arm around Brittany. As the results are being read, Brittany is behind Santana and they are holding hand again.

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The next day, during graduation, they are sitting together, when Sue announces Brittany's name. Brittany thanks her again for taking the Lima Express all the way from New York City to be there, and Santana replies that she actually came to Ohio because she wanted to talk to Brittany, not to do a show.

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Why would you try to hide any of that? Brittany says she would never cheat of Santana.

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Afterwards Santana joins Quinn as she confronts Finn about talking with Rachel hook up projector to imac watches her from the side. Santana puts her necklace around Quinn's neck and they laugh together when Sue is about to throw the bouquet.

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She said "Hey," and Santana glances over at her. They perform Marry You with the others and are bridesmaids in Burt and Carole's wedding. They talked for a few seconds before Santana had to leave for cheerleading practice.

She asks if either of them think they are a lesbian.

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