Spain matchmaking Spain matchmaking

Spain matchmaking

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In Alcanda Matchmaking we spend all the time necessary to find the right partner so your time is optimized. I am often asked how the idea of creating my company emerged. We are not a contact site or a marriage agency; we are indeed the 1st Matchmaking company in Spain.

The right of our clientele to their utmost privacy is guaranteed at all times and therefore the use of the Internet as a match process is not our business model.

Alcanda Matchmaking is the very first company in Spain to use Executive Search techniques to help you find your life partner. What makes us different?

The initial interview and subsequent meetings are made exclusively in person. Always with a watchful eye. Do not ask a sane about love; they love sanely which is like not loving at all —Jacinto Benavente New zealand gay hookup sites existed before soul did. Make the first move and begin your new life with a companion.

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However, there are some analogies; In both cases we are actually talking about relationships between people, where desires, passions, personality traits, etc. I believe it will help you to understand the passion that I bring to my work and my company.

To ensure the strictest privacy, all of our clients as well as all of our professional partners lawyers, psychologists, etc.

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Who has not experienced deceptions in love? NOur success is based on the personal relationships we develop with each and every client in order to understand their values and fundamental life interests, philosophy and goals, as well taking into account past experiences in order to avoid falling into past mistakes and patterns.

Our fees are directly related to the quality of service we provide and any additional services required. Follow up and analysis of the introductions.

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We adapt our services to your needs, introducing to you only profiles with the same level and lifestyle. They attend exclusive events, art friends dating, after-works, private parties, etc. To online dating similar to pof more about the rest of the team, please click here TEAM.

Nosotros utilizamos cookies para asegurar que se le proporcione la mejor experiencia en nuestro sitio web. Therefore, we are not an on-line dating site or a marriage agency. Successful people are by their nature reluctant to admit that finding the right partner may require some help. Others keep on kissing frogs and toadswaiting to hopefully find their significant other. In Alcanda Matchmaking we do not believe in princes — and princesses — fairy tales, but we do believe in finding the right person to share a full and complete life with.

Matchmaking is a personalized service aimed at finding, in a professional and confidential manner, an ideal life-partner for its Clients.

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If you want to learn more about the difference between our clients and affiliates, as well as the profile of our current clients, please click here. We are sure you will not regret it! Alcanda Matchmaking was born from the firm belief that everyone is entitled to be happy and that complete happiness is the one we share with someone special.

Fed up with disappointments, some people settle on spending a lonely life by themselves. The use of algorithms has no place in our business model.

Spain Matchmakers

In this way we will avoid falling again into past patterns and mistakes. Matchmaking differs from all of them as it is much more effective. We have a lot of experience working with discriminating clientele who value their privacy and their time and do not want to waste it by attempting to find a life partner themselves through ineffective means Internet, entertainment events, nightlife, dating agencies….

The process starts with an initial face to face meeting where mutual suitability will be assessed together.

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