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And some of these places we've gone to are datings that you read about in history books here in the states I never imagined every walking into.

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That I had already done since I was about But they kind of come in from all over the place. GHI has to do this. I think they tend to spook each other too barry. And I absolutely adore working with Kris and her approach is great.

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I'm forced to think about things a little differently. Sometimes we will put locations forward that we would like to investigate.

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Paul Bradford did a quick jump-out-of-his-skin about needles shimmy and quickly gathered up some equipment and wandered off to see what other non-crazy stuff was going on in catholic dating prayer rest of the temple complex. Oh Lord how many years before everyone figures out that Dina is in the facility that Graham's mother is in? But both Trinidad and Tobago, and of course the other islands, are steeped in myth and superstition. And we can show you. And I'm kind of hoping I can prove the skeptic in me wrong, I kris.

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Maria Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!! We have either our clients contacting Susie, or beast dating kara places we've always wanted to go so we'll look into them, or places that the production company's heard of, or people contacting them directly.


We william want that technology to become stagnant. Are you ready for a deep sea expedition there Kris? I'd say after Trinidad and Argentina we actually head up to England, to Castle Rising where we weren't quite sure going into it whether the client was actually haunting the place, or sorry, whether the client was being haunted or whether the castle itself was being haunted, and by some unusual claims of activity.

I also have a favorite in Trinidad.

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And then you realized there's just that everywhere. And you know, you just grew up knowing US history. They were accusing an associate of mine of faking a haunting, which they felt portrayed and made a mockery of the paranormal community.

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